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Sofrik Exchange is a credit and investment company that contributes to the money management and wealth creation of its members and the society – individuals and business owners. At Sofrik Exchange, we strongly believe in integrity, empathy, respect, innovation and creating value in everything we do. We have a team of like-minded, creative and friendly people who are experts in their fields of finances, working together productively to create value to all our stakeholders with the single goal of being financially stable.

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Mosito Kiv
Chairman & Founder

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Indicate Interest

We understand that opting for a loan is not an easy decision. Get started by filling our contact form and requesting our application form.


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Get your loan processed in no time. After getting all documentations done and verification achieved, we move to the next phase.


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After documents processed, we send the funds straight to your receiving account. You can now psuh that business of yours to the next level.


Our Services

What We Have To Offer

BTA Loans

Are you Travelling and you need a quick loan? We offer Basic Travelling allowance loans to you at reduced interest rate.

Personal Loan

Does payday seem so far and bills are piling up? Don’t worry! Our convenient, secure and instant loans have got you covered.

Business Loan

Is Business running low on Funds and you need a quick loan? We are here for you. Get your business running. Contact us.

Direct Investment

Pay yourself a salary from our Investment options. Invest as low as N200,000 and get as much as 3% every month.

We're Trusted by 30+

We have gained the trust of our customers over time. Out lasting legacy is something to be talked about.


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We provide loans and assistance to improve the economic and social conditions of the New Era.