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Investment Planning

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait for a paycheck every month? Wouldn’t you love not having to struggle to keep your transactions down to the limit? And what if you didn’t have to save for a whole year to get your dream vacation or car. You work so hard for your money shouldn’t you allow money work for you this time? That’s why we are offering you attractive returns on your investments. Watch your money return the favour.

Invest your cash with Sofrik Exchange and get paid every month (Like your Salary)

Anytime Callback

Need access to your Investment? Give us a call and get your investment back to your account in less than 42 hours.

Perfect Salary

Give yourself the salary that you deserve from your access funds in reserve. Invest with us and get a whooping 3% interest montly.

Getting Started?

  • Send an email to info@sofrikexchange.com, requesting the investment account opening form, also stating the investment amount and tenor. You can also call +234 815 962 3881 to get started.
  • Complete the account opening form and send back to us via email along with your;
    • Documentary evidence of address (utility bill)
    • 1 Passport photograph
    • Valid ID

Need any help?

We are here to help our customer any time. You can call on 24/7 To Answer Your Question.

+234 815 962 3881